Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hip Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

In your travels this summer, try out a few green or vegetarian based restaurants. Click here for a list of hip restaurants from the west coast to the east coast that feature phenomenal plant based delights. Chicago - Green Zebra, Atlanta - Dynamic Dish, LA - M Cafe de Chaya, Boulder - Organic Orbit and New York - Dirt Candy, are just a few named in the article. I had the pleasure of dining last week at The Greenhouse Tavern, a newly opened green certified restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio that specializes in preparing meals from locally grown and produced food. I will be sure the try out another restaurant featured on the Bon Appetit list, Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine in Columbus, Ohio later this month when I visit that city for their jazz festival. A vegan restaurant that I will have to try soon is VegiTerranean, in Akron, Ohio, not a far drive from the Football Hall of Fame and only 45 minutes from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

What's your favorite green or vegetarian restaurant? Can't find one in your area? Check out HappyCow.net for a directory of compassionate eating spots around the world.

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Vegan Restaurant Los Angeles said...

If you're in Los Angeles/Hollywood check out SunPower Natural Organic Cafe. Everything is vegan and delicious. They've got pizza (2 are gluten-free too), burgers, cashew shakes, lettuce tacos with cashew cheese that's yummy. All their desserts are sugar and gluten free, but 100% decadent. Try the tiramisu and thank me later ;-)