Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vegan O'Rama!

While searching for an article on Bon Appetit.com, I found one amazing vegan website, The Post Punk Kitchen. The creator posted a comment critical of the Bon Appetit vegetarian restaurant list. The site features recipes for ice cream, bbq sauce, brunch, sushi and baked goods (including cupcakes). Stuff you don't normally think of when you think vegan. The writing is fun, snazzy and sometimes naughty (hello - it is titled the post punk kitchen). There is even a cooking show that you can find on Google Video. A good site to add to your favorites if you are trying to eat less meat or entertaining vegans.

(Pictured is my favorite vegan snack, Black Eye Pea Fritters. Recipe from Bryant Terry's new cookbook, Vegan Soul Kitchen)

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