Monday, December 15, 2008

Africa Plundered Again to Benefit the West

The Spoils - Battle in a Poor Land for Riches Beneath the Soil - Series - I am so tired of reading about resource rich African governments that allow western and now eastern cultures to rob them of their resources, exploit and endanger their citizens and steal any monies received as payment. Apparently, many young college-educated citizens of these countries are now fighting against this type of economic injustice, though in a controversial manner. The resource featured in this article is uranium, which is highly sought after to generate nuclear energy and the government is Niger. As is the case with the drug on war, we must hold the users (power companies), accountable for ensuring that they consider the triple bottom line (people, place, profit) as they negotiate with historically corrupt governments. Email your power company today and ask them about their policies in these situations and write your legislator (contact info found on Black and Into Green) to insist that U.S. companies operate ethically in foreign lands.

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Quiskaeya said...

Articles like this make my blood boil and my eyes see red. I could write a book on my disgust with western/eastern countries and how they allow corrupt governments abuse their people simply for the almighty dollar. Shame on them!