Monday, December 15, 2008

EPA Pick Lisa P. Jackson Not Liked Among Some Environmentalists

Thunder Road: Likely EPA pick hit for Jersey record - Joaquin Sapien - ProPublica - Well you can't please everybody. There is a growing group of environmentalists that are openly communicating their concerns over Lisa P. Jackson to head the EPA, one group going so far as to write a letter to Mr. Obama. Mrs. Jackson is being criticized for her lack of enforcement on key regulatory issues, not keeping some of her promises to improve the climate, as well as being to close to big business. New Jersey environmentalists, however, continue to praise the pick and insist that the fault is that of Governor Corzine and the lack of adequate staffing at her agency (Perhaps they are really keeping their employment options open). Let's see what she what she will accomplish now with a manager (President-Elect Obama) that has made climate change a core competency of his economic platform and more than adequate (though controversial) FTE at the EPA. I am willing to give Ms. Jackson a chance, before lambasting her abilities and will for change. Hey! It's hard out here for an environmental official!

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Quiskaeya said...

I don't know enough about Ms. Jackson to have an opinion on this one just yet. At this point my thoughts are anythings better than what we have now. The EPA has fallen asleep at the wheel on a lot of key environmental issues and we needs to oust the current leadership.