Saturday, December 27, 2008

Utility doubles estimate of Tennessee ash deluge

Utility doubles estimate of Tennessee ash deluge - Yahoo! News The facts are changing already in this not so clean coal drama that has been playing itself out in Tennessee over the last few days. Of course the TVA has determined that the health risks are minimal and the water should be fine to drink. Some folks are having a difficult time getting the TVA to respond to their needs. (Sound familiar?) Many of the residents had no idea of the risks posed by having such a plant nearby. Unfortunately they found out the hard way after their homes were destroyed by the moving sludge. This incident should make us all more conscious and knowledgeable of what kinds of health and environmental risks exists in our own backyards and create an action plan to advocate for safety measures and an emergency exit plan. Click here for a map of potentially toxic sites in your neighborhood. Be patient, it takes a minute or two to load, but is worth the wait. Kujichagulia! Self determination!

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