Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making Hospitals Greener — and Patients Healthier - TIME

Making Hospitals Greener — and Patients Healthier - TIME I can truly relate to this article, the topic is one of my very first posts as a black and green blogger. As a treehugger, it is a very painful experience to witness the waste at the hospital and doctor's offices and to read the labels on some of the products they give you. Paraben this and paraben that. Hello! I think I will be using my aloe vera plant whenever practical. There needs to be some consumer backlash about doctor's being more selective about the products they use. In C-Town (Cleveland), Ohio, the Cleveland Clinic has a sustainability director that is making some serious progress on reducing waste and being more responsible. It appears that more hospitals are taking sustainability seriously, we should encourage them to continue to progress in this area.

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