Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Bible Rocks

I am so loving my new Green Bible! Inside you will find poetry, essays and green guides for Sunday School lessons. These features make reading the bible an even more pleasant and spiritual experience than usual. A search for a connection to God coupled with a love of nature drew me to want to know more about God's relationship and thoughts about nature. I started on my green spiritual journey several years ago, when I tried to grow a bible garden. Unfortunately Cleveland, Ohio, doesn't have the warm, sunny arid temperatures to successfully grow bible plants. So my garden is more inspired by the bible (and Africa), featuring vines, trees, stones and many bibically named plants. Did you know that trees, those great givers of oxygen, are mentioned 1,000 times and are featured in the first (Alpha) and last (Omega) chapters? Who knew? You will have a new respect for trees after reading this book. This green bible is truly amazing and wonderful. If you love God, nature, the environment and your neighbors of the world, you will fall in love with the bible all over again and look at the world from a fresh perspective. Spring is a perfect time for love and renewal so check it out for yourself! (You can buy it right on this site in the "Currently Reading" section, how convenient!)

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browngirl said...

I was looking at this in Barnes and Noble a few eeks ago. I think I'll get it, but I hope they have it in the NLT version. Very cool blog btw!