Thursday, March 19, 2009

Magic Mushrooms: Tumor Killers

I need some of those magic mushrooms man. Not the kind you're thinking of, but one of the varieties you would find at the grocery store or farmers market. Turns out that mushrooms, especially white button (cook first) and maitakes, may reduce your risk of breast cancer via their tumor blocking chemicals. Green tea is also beneficial. There's a guy at the farmers market that makes the best mushroom pesto - lots of olive oil, garlic and shrooms. Me and my son break open a box of stone ground wheat crackers and go to town on that pesto! Body + Soul magazine has a great collection of recipes for those looking to incorporate this magical fungi into their diets. Recipes feature shrooms and green veggies, burgers, roasted balsamic shrooms, fried rice with shitakes and mushrooms with pasta, thyme, chili pepper and parmesan...yum.

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