Sunday, February 10, 2008

Earthly Beginnings

I have completely enjoyed so far the earth friendly daily devotions sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church. My mornings are usually pretty busy-I get in a quick prayer of appreciation upon awakening, make my routine runs, check my email and sometimes get to enjoy a cup of tea while reading the morning paper. Heading off to work, my thoughts are generally tuned to the pending issues of the day. There are several devotions that I subscribe to via email that encourage and keep me spiritually grounded and refreshed. What I really enjoy about this series of devotionals is the daily connection of the physical world with the spiritual world. You are encouraged to be still and be mindful of the earth, its yields and others that share its bounty, but from a spiritual perspective. This kind of application is right up my alley as I have an affinity for the natural world and compassion for underserved and exploited communities around the world. The timing of the series is very appropriate as we are usually more tuned in to our physical environment around this time of year, looking for visible signs of the return of spring. The hope is after reading this series, our spirits and consciousness will blossom in a manner to rival the fragrant blooms of our cherry and apple trees in a few short months!

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