Thursday, February 28, 2008

Green Business from a Black Perspective

Want to know how green issues impact black businesses? Thinking of starting a green initiative at work or trying your hand at running a green business? Register with Black's, "BE'ing Green" series that will highlight green issues every other Thursday to stay current these green economy issues.

The most recent issue featured a high ranking government official that helps industries to go green, two entrepreneurs and their green niches and a powerful activist that makes it his business to see that African Americans are well represented in the green economy.

Black Enterprise Magazine has provided positive role models and encouragement since my days as a junior as The Ohio State University. It was their images of African American entrepreneurs, professionals and executives that motivated me to stick with my business major. I am truly delighted that they continue to provide these positive examples and stories of blacks that are into green. Thank you BE!

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Anonymous said...

This is a great site! I can tell by the posts that you are either a person of color, or you appreciate diversity! About your comment on my blog, as far as I can tell (at least in my native Kenya) there are few if any designers that focus on organic and eco-friendly design. But guess what? I am going to Kenya in April to see if I can start a company based solely on that! I am really excited I have a name and logo and I am in the process of registering it. I will work with designers there, though I know it will be very difficult. Feel free to email me (email link is on my site) for more info or just to network. Great blog, I will be returning.