Sunday, February 24, 2008

Told You So: Benefits of Green Tea

Family history of prostate cancer? Just diagnosed? There is good news about the benefits of green tea and a plant based diet in reducing cancers risks. Every other month you are reading about the benefits of green tea. A recent study proposes that by drinking five cups of green tea a day, one can reduce their chances of developing advanced staged prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is inevitable for most men as they become senior citizens which is very likely as people are living longer. Catechin, an ingredient in green tea, reduces the amount of testosterone, which is the hormone that drives prostate cancer. Five cups a day seems like a lot, but fill up a pitcher or a large thermos with the green goodness and it becomes very doable. Well worth the extra work if you have a family history of the disease, which disproportionately affects black men. Japanese men have much lower rates of prostate cancer and consume lots of green tea. Avoid sugary green tea drinks found in the stores. Organic tea bags and water is all that is needed. Add honey for a sweet taste.

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