Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Village Green: Get Involved

It takes a village to raise a child. The eco-twist on this old adage is "it takes a village to raise a healthy child". Our children will be the benefactors of the environment that we create for them today. The choice is ours, we can either leave them at risk for respiratory disease, cancer, reproductive difficulties, water shortages and unpredictable weather disasters or we can leave them to enjoy long, healthy, nature driven lives. As I progress on my personal journey of healthier and ecologically responsible healthy living, I am often shocked and dismayed at the wasteful and carbon emitting lifestyle of my neighbors, friends, church, school and workplace. I often reflect on the benefits to myself (living to 100+) and our children if my earth friendly habits could be multiplied by 10 or 100 fold. What's a greenie to do? Do something, but start small. These are some of the actions that I plan to put in to play in 2008. I invite you to pick one and run with it. I will post on my progress as I go on this eco-journey.

* Green Gifting - Introduce your loved ones, friends and co-workers to the world of conscious living by giving organic or eco-conscious gifts for your family and friends on birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.

* Party Green - Invite your friends and neighbors to your home and show them the benefits and ease of living green

* Work Green - Start small by promoting the economic, social and ecological benefits of working green on the job

* Teach Green- Volunteer to teach a class on sustainable living through your local community recreation center, YMCA, Boy/Girls Scouts Troop or place of worship

* School House Rock - Participate in school board and PTA meetings and promote a healthier environment for children

* Grow green - Coordinate a community or urban garden this spring

These are few things that we can do to engage our communities in a healthy living discussion that will hopefully encourage healthy living habits. I would love to hear some of your ideas and success stories on your journey to create a clean green village for ourselves and our children.

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