Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Village Green: Teach a Class

Several times a year I receive a course offering from my community recreation center. There are many classes offered, ranging from cooking, gardening and aromatherapy to plumbing, publishing and financial management. Noticing that there were no offerings on conservation, recycling or organic living, I decided to toss my hat in the ring and offer up my own curricula on going green. I contacted the the coordinator of the rec center and was emailed a course outline. Once completed and submitted, I received a notice of approval within days. The one evening class is scheduled for May. It was that simple. I expect to easily reach at least 25 members of my community. Twenty five new converts to and advocates for the world of green and sustainable living. I plan to offer a longer series of classes in the fall reaching more of my neighbors and spreading the word of responsible living, one neighborhood at a time. Do you have a passion that you would love to share with your community? Start small, pick up the phone and show your stuff!

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on class topics or success stories you may have in teaching a similar class.

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K said...

That is really great. I admire your courage, but it sounds like you know what you are talking about (based on your blog).

For about half a year I taught a group of women to sew every Friday. They loved the experience. There is nothing better than being self-reliant. For me, self-reliance and creativity is an important part of living simple (green). We used donated fabric, much of it sheets or curtains or old clothes. It was a great way to recycle. The women left each week feeling really empowered.

You have inspired me to try to throw my hat in the ring again in my new town.

I'm sure your class will go well!!