Sunday, February 24, 2008

Plant Based Diet Helps More Than Earth

Consuming a plant based diet of vegetables, grains and legumes (beans) not only will help you reduce your carbon footprint. (see Measure your Impact on this site), but will help reduce the likelihood of prostate enlargement that comes with aging. Have you seen those Flomax commercials where the men are constantly having to urinate?"Are you going and going?" This "going" is the result of prostate enlargement. Thank goodness we younger folks have a plethora of commercials to warn us of the potential dangers down the road...Anyway, seems that one thing you can do to reduce this enlargement or likelihood of enlargement is to eat a low-fat diet that is more plant based. Eating four or more servings of vegetables can reduce ones chances of suffering from this by up to 32%. You can also drink your way to this result, but there are a host of other issues that come from drinking alcohol. Anyway, eating a low-fat, plant based diet is reported to benefit your health in many other ways, including cancer reduction, heart health, stroke reduction and diabetes prevention. You will also look great and the payoff for that has so many rewards....

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