Friday, March 7, 2008

Cool Green Stuff: Boom Modern

Excited about redecorating my living room, today I wanted to stop by a cool neighborhood shop, Boom Modern, that specializes in vintage modern furnishings. Modern furnishings fit nicely with my Africentric decor, primarily because the forms are very simple, organic and inspired by African art. I discovered this shop on my way out of Starbucks a couple of weeks ago (actually, I have seen it for a couple of years, but finally decided to go in). I like this establishment because although the pieces are 30-60 years old, they look very "au courant" and chic. Kind of like something Barry Gordy or Diana Ross would have owned back in the day, but fresher. This is probably why the style is called "modern". I also like the store because it doesn't have that musty odor that you find in a lot of antique and vintage stores. Well, blizzard like conditions have forced me to alter my plans to find some cool green stuff this weekend. Not to be deterred, I took a greener approach to shopping. Can we say "Froogle"? I was delighted to Boom Modern with a full online catalog at Think you may be interested in modern furnishings? Check out this article on selection and sources from Domino Magazine. Happy Hunting!

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