Friday, March 21, 2008

Last Minute Green Easter Basket Ideas

Procrastination has unintentionally led me down the path of creating green eco-friendly Easter baskets. Generally, I do a great job of buying eggs, candy and toys for the holiday, but always forget something- fake grass, dye for the eggs, baskets. God blesses me by helping me to find items around or outside of the house as replacements. The baskets look so good, that I permanently incorporate the substitute. Guess I was always harboring a green subconscious. Try using some of these items in your baskets to give back to earth on the day that we celebrate the gift of life:

  • Use baskets, purses, or large colorful bowls that you have at home to hold goodies
  • Replace fake plastic grass with pretty cloth napkins, real grass, leaves or lettuce (the kids will think the Easter Bunny was really there)
  • Use natural dye for your eggs, or use the plastic eggs from previous years
  • Purchase fair trade or ethically traded chocolate and explain the significance to your children (you can find in organic section of grocery store or healt food stores)
  • Incorporate spring blooming flowers and branches from the garden
  • Add a mix of carrots, celery sticks, fruit leather and nuts to the usual mix of sugar sweets
  • Write a nice note to your children expressing your love, pride and hope
  • Instead of buying useless, throw away toys, donate to a charity in your child's name
I guarantee with these healthy, planet friendly substitutions, your family will have an Easter to remember!

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