Thursday, March 27, 2008

See for Yourself: Will Your Coastal City be Underwater

Climate change seems so nebulous and distant at times. How is it going to impact me really? We often ask ourselves that question consciously or subconsciously. If you are one of 53% of Americans living in or around a coastal area, this mashup created by MIBIZAAR (this guy is a mapping genius) lets you see for yourself in a visual map, titled "Nation Under Siege". The map provides a graphic image of your area showing the potential impact of a 1 meter or 3 foot rise in sea levels. Current projections show that sea levels could get there by 2100 if we continue to emit greenhouse gases at current rates. I'm not sure if the impact of the fast growing economies of China, India, South America or Russia have been factored into the current rate equation, so if could happen sooner. The mapping information is derived from climate change studies analyzed by Architecture 2030. This is a non-profit organization, founded by architect Edward Mazria to educate the public and builders on the negative impact of increasing greenhouse gas levels. The map provides a solid visual of new water coverage over U.S coastal areas. The first thing that will come to your mind are the horrific images of floating bodies, desperate citizens, death, confusion and apathy in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. While we may not be around in the year 21oo (unless they come up with some hellified medical technology), our children and grandchildren will. You know that insurers and developers are planning for this now, so why shouldn't you? Do what you can now to reduce your impact and advocate for others, including businesses and governments to reduce theirs to avoid this unpleasant scenario.

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