Friday, March 7, 2008

Organic Yoga: Stretching and Sipping for the Cure

I would like to thank one of our readers for this post. I have had good intentions about taking yoga classes for several months now after being introduced to it in a healing retreat for black women cancer survivors (studies show that yoga can reduce risk of recurrence by reducing stress). I even purchased a video and a mat, but have yet to do a downward facing dog pose. A couple of weeks ago, a comment was submitted suggesting a yummy tea by Yogi Tea, called "Chai Redbush". Our reader seemed so satisfied and entranced by this beverage, I just had to have it. This week on my bi-weekly sojourn to Whole Foods, I headed straight for the tea section and found the Yogi Teas on the bottom shelf. I'm sure this was a strategic move on Yogi Tea's part to get you to do the downward facing dog. The choices were tantalizing, "Chai Redbush", "Mayan Cocoa Spice", "Mexican Sweet Chili", "Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut"...and all organic,I wanted them all! They are really tisanes (herbs and spices) and not true teas, so most contain no caffeine. I really wanted to try the one with cocoa beans, but decided to go for the "Chai Redbush" remembering our reader's words. Once home, I settled in for a steamy, creamy cup and lo and behold, I had accidentally purchased the "Mayan Cocoa Spice" (chocoholic karma). Well, it was so deliciously spicy and smooth, it made my evening. I even tried out the simple yoga breathing exercise on the box. This experience peaked my curiosity, so I decided to go to the website. The site was informative, interactive and fun. I learned that the spices selected for the teas are reported to have therapeutic properties. Good tea, healthy living, tranquility-that's all the motivation I need to get down with yoga. It would be nice to hear your stories about how yoga heals you mentally and physically.

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