Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Village Green: Teaching a Class II

The last few days have really opened my eyes to how completely uneducated people are on environmental and health issues. Two people this week told me that buying a hybrid was not worth the money. (I am going to research this) Two more expressed the need to drive powerful vehicles. All complained about gas prices. What?! Others routinely throw recylable materials in the trash without a second thought and eat whatever tastes good and is convenient. It occurred to me how mindlessly we go about living our lives, almost as if we are on autopilot to destroy ourselves and the world. I realize that I was one of those individuals in the past and I am truly amazed at my cavalier attitude towards sources of items that I consumed. Anyway, when you talk to people it is really difficult to figure out where to even start to educate them. Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone in my endeavor to be green. I decided to start one neighbor at a time through teaching a class at our local community and recreation center. This weekend the catalog arrived with the class listed in the schedule. I was pretty excited to see the class in the Home and Garden lineup! The class is titled "Going Green: A Primer on Sustainable Living". Now the tough part, finding attendees. The plan is to go door to door with a copy of the program and some strong rap to entice my neighbors to sign up. We have a new neighbor that I will pry with a "going green" gift basket, consisting of reusable tote bags, recycling trash bags, organic garden items and information about the city's recycling program. Even if some neighbors can't attend, the solicitations will be a great way to plant the seed of responsible and sustainable living in their consciousness. I could certainly use the company. What are you doing to educate your family, neighbors and friends on living sustainably? What works, what doesn't?

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