Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drugs In Tap Water: What are Doctors Saying?

Doctors have organized and expressed their concern over the safety of our drinking water. Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) was formed in 1961 as a means for doctors to organize, research and advocate on issues surrounding environmental health. The organization has many accomplishments, including winning a Nobel Peace Prize. PSR has a comprehensive site covering many topics, including drinking water issues and the impact on your health. In addition to providing statistics and information, suggestions are provided to empower you to protect yourself and your family from toxic water. For more information on water filtration systems and advocacy, see Black and Into Green's post on assessing your water and filtering systems.

Personally, I am pleased to know that the knowledge gap between the practice of medicine and environmental health knowledge is not as wide as I have assumed. I was especially encouraged to have this conversation with my doctor's office, who shared some research with me in the area of pollutants, chemicals and cancer. Does your physician practice socially conscious medicine? If not, perhaps you can encourage her to learn more about the mind, body, planet connection.

Be safe, healthy and aware.

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