Monday, March 3, 2008

Worry Free Eco-Friendly Food Containers

Since learning about the potential dangers of bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates and other barely pronounceable product components, I am carefully scrutinizing ingredient and package labels. I was pleasantly surprised today to see a creamy tomato sauce container labeled "BPA free" and a bulk salad container promoting its biodegradeability. The latter was made out of corn and is labeled as being compostable. Amazing. It looks exactly like a normal petroleum based plastic container. Turns out that while these corn based containers do require considerably less energy to produce and don't release as many toxins in the environment during processing, there are some issues with compostability. The containers require a specialized composting that can't be done in your backyard. Some recycling centers don't accept them, because they don't mix well with other plastics. Whole Foods stores in some cities will accept used containers for recycling. So while not perfect, these types of containers are a start in the right direction for better and safer products for consumers and the earth. Look for these types of safe and eco-friendly products in your stores. If not available, ask the manager or email headquarters to request that they start using them. These containers have been on the market since 2004, but more consumers are requesting environmentally beneficial products and retailers are listening. Green money talks!!

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