Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Organizing a Green Lifestyle

I have been eagerly waiting for this day with the hope of starting down the path of organizing my green lifestyle. Today the Unclutterer site featured a post titled "Environmentally Friendly Uncluttering". I thought the post that was going to help us manage some of the issues that arise from recycling and reusing. While the article provides some great macro ideas that support and outline the benefits of going green from an efficiency perspective, there are not a lot of micro level, specific ideas that address some issues faced by those of us living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Some unique green organizing issues that could be explored:

  • Recycling Storage - paper, plastic, electronics
  • Winter Composting - what to do with those food scraps with 17 inches of snow in the yard
  • Reusing - what to do with your stuff that you are planning to reuse (eventually)
  • Recycling and reusing away from home - where to keep stuff you acquire at the office, restaurants, grandma's house
  • Activism and Advocacy- managing your letter writing and community efforts

I guess I was seeking something like Lifehacker meets B. Smith, Martha Stewart or Danny Seo. Unclutterer does plan to do more later this spring around the issue of organizing for greenies, so let's hope that there are more specific ideas provided. In the meantime, it would be nice to hear from you what works to keep you streamlined and green.

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