Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eat Green: Global Meat Out Day

Mom was on to something when she prodded (or forced) you to "eat your vegetables". On March 20th, tens of thousands (maybe more) of meat eaters around the world will be eating their vegetables by going vegan and green for a day. That means no animal products, including dairy or eggs. A vegan diet has many healthful benefits from reducing stroke risks to cancer risks, as noted in previous posts and greatly reduces your carbon footprint. The website has a comprehensive calendar of events scheduled across the United States and other countries to promote this eco and animal friendly diet. The site is very informative and easy to follow. You will find a vegan starter kit, a meatout action kit, recipes, e-cards, restaurant listings and other items of interest. I have not yet gone vegan, but have reduced my consumption of meat products, including dairy and eggs to once a day, with the goal of preserving my health and reducing my carbon footprint. I do notice a difference in how I feel overall. My struggle is getting enough protein without resorting to consuming a ton of soy products, not to mention how good macaroni and cheese tastes with baked chicken! So whether your goal is to show sensitivity to animals, the planet or your body, the Meatout could help you get there.

My son just found this very helpful Vegan Food Pyramid. Check it out.

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