Sunday, March 16, 2008

Save Money, Save the Planet, Save Yourself: Stop Buying So Much Stuff

We are facing recession, layoffs, higher gas prices, higher food prices, water shortages, unpredictable weather events, greater personal dissatisfaction and wondering what to do do about it other than pray for the best. I may have found some solutions in this 20 minute online film clip, "The Story of Stuff" produced by activist, Annie Leonard. After hearing about it a few weeks ago, I finally had the chance to watch it this evening (warning for the impatient like myself-there are a few breaks for buffering, but worth the wait). I highly recommend that you watch it and pass it on to your network. The film highlights the cycle of goods or stuff that we use, from the point of material extraction, to the point of disposal of the finished product. It fills in the blanks in terms of the cost to the environment, our health and the survival of populations around the world. It kind of answers the questions you may have asked yourself like, "Where does stuff come from?", "Who makes these goods?", "Why do I have so much junk?", "Why do I never have enough?", "Where does it go when I throw it out?" If you haven't asked yourself those questions, you will after viewing this film, it will truly raise your consciousness about your everyday actions. Action steps are provided at the end of the film. Once you become more mindful of the impact of and motivation to buying stuff all the time, I believe you will subconsciously start to question and adjust your attitude, buying habits and lifestyle in general. You will advocate for better processes and controls in the production of goods, feel better and more secure with (and love) what you have and who you are, and have more money to pay for the essentials and contribute to the disadvantaged. Peace.

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