Thursday, March 27, 2008

Green Event Calendar: Meet Eco-Conscious Individuals and Businesses

Feeling like you are alone in your socially responsible green lifestyle? Fear not! Zerofootprint has developed a comprehensive global green calendar of events that will allow you to find and meet other like minded individuals. The goal of the organization is to empower large groups of individuals, institutions, and businesses around the world to unite with the goal of reducing the collective carbon footprint. If you don't see your event posted or another popular green event, you will soon be able to add it directly to the site. I did not see the African American oriented green event, Dream Reborn on the calendar, so I know the listing is not complete. The hope is for more environmentalists and activists of color to use this calendar, so we can communicate and network more effectively.Using the calendar and participating is a good way to increase our visibility in the green movement. Please pass this information on to your network. I am going to include a permanent link to the event calendar on this site for your reference.

Get some knowledge, meet some fun and conscious people and party hard!


Mystery Man said...

Be on the lookout, a new calendar aggregation system (combining all calendars) is being developed over at I hear they're launching around Earth Day and working with many organizations to make it happen.

G Johnson said...

Thank you very much for that feedback! I will be sure to promote that site on the blog and throughout my network. Please continue to share any other environmental news you may have.


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